About Us

Living a mission of excellence every day

At A Child’s Haven, we are dedicated to the development of the whole child. Here, your child will:

  • Develop intellectually with phonics, writing, science, social studies, arithmetic, art & music.
  • Develop socially by learning to share, take turns, resolve conflicts, solve problems, help others, & cooperate on projects.
  • Develop emotionally through expression of thoughts and feelings, learning rules and limits, justice & empathy while accepting emotions in others. We work on respect for each individual.
  • Develop physical fitness and fine motor skills through outdoor and indoor games and activities.
  • Develop creativity with experiences in music, art, drama, literature and oral speech.
  • Develop language skills through stories, puppetry, music, sign language, science, dramas & the housekeeping corner.

We keep parents up to date on their student’s progress and overall development.

At A Child’s Haven, your child will:

  • Learn in a safe & nurturing environment
  • Build confidence with a challenging curriculum
  • Enjoy arts & crafts along with art & music appreciation
  • Stay fit with physical education
  • Prepare for solid success in future academics